LOD Chameleonize & Soundswell

Danny Clinch Transparent Gallery
210 5th Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ

Show: 4pm – 8pm

Tickets: suggested donation at the door of $15

Chameleonize is a 5-piece Soul-Prog group based in New York City. Combining complex jazz progressions with rich, attractive pop melodies, the group slides seamlessly between genres to create something truly unique. Current members include Gabi Feliciano on vocals and alto saxophone, Mo LaMastro on guitar, Brian Gipson on guitar, Mikey Rotunno on bass, and Jake Navarro on drums. At a Chameleonize show, you’ll experience their red-headed singer/saxophonist delivering powerful and soulful lyrics, a bassist jumping as high as the ceiling, two headbanging guitarrists, and drum grooves that demand the attention of the whole crowd from front to back.